Passenger Transport  Coaches, Buses and Mini Buses

Legislation requires at least one fire extinguisher must be carried on every Bus, Mini bus or Coach, this requirement is irrespective of seating capacity or vehicle size.

The safety of passengers in wheelchairs on Buses recomends that at least two fire extinguishes are carried on any wheelchair-accessable Bus. (code of practice VSE 87/1).

The extinguishers must contain water or Foam. Powder is not permitted, the extinuisher must have a minimum test fire rating of 8A or 21B, the extinuisher must comply with BS EN3 and must be clearly marked with the standard number. The extinuisher location and mounting is not specified.

The extinuisher must be maintained in eficient working order and be readily available for use at all times, the vehicle will fail its annual test if the extinguisher is missing, the in-correct type, inaccessable, discharged or in poor condition.

If any of these conditions are found during a roadside check, an inspection notice will be issued.

To meet the requirements you should ensure:

1) the extinuisher is manufactured to EN 3 with CE and BSI kitemark to show compliance.

2) Ensure the extinuishers are mounted inside a bespoke "transport" bracket secured to the vehicle and incorperates a quick release securing strap to prevent the extinuisher from being dislodged from its bracket during more violent vehicle movment. This is to avoid injury to staff and passengers it also avoids damage to the extinguisher itself.

3) ensure that extinguishers are easily accessible and easy to release from the brack.

4) Carry out a visual inspection at least once a week to check each extinguisher is correctly located, unobstructed and visible and that the tamper tags are not brocken. The operating instruction are clean and ledgible and facing outwards, check each extinguisher has not been operated or suffered any damage. The results of these check should be recorded.

5) Ensure extinguishers have a suitable maintenance contract in place by a suitable approved company in acordance with BS 5306-3.